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    Why are we hosting a Solar Hot Water forum?

    At The Small Solar Company we get thousands of phone calls and emails every year from all over the world. Unfortunately, we don't have enough staff or time to answer all the enquiries.

    We have created this forum because we realise that there are many people around the world who share our passion for renewable energy and reducing their carbon footprint but do require some help at times or want to share their expertise. We would like to thank you in advance for your own efforts in maintaining your own equipment or helping others.

    We want to stress that the views are not necessarily representative of those of The Small Solar Company.

    We understand that this forum will be used by some of our former, current or future customers, but there is no intention to promote our business directly.

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      General Posting Guidelines

      We figured this was necessary because a lot of people come in and post threads without thinking, and without realizing that there is no possible way they could get help because of the way they posted the question. Here are some general guidelines.

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      There is a pretty good chance that unless you have some really odd or unique problem that it has been addressed on our forum before, please use the forum’s search feature first to see if there are already some good threads on the subject. It’s easy to search – just use the the “Search community” area at the top of the page.

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      Remember when people help you, they are doing YOU a favour

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        • Recent Topics

        • How do you service a Solamax (later Thermomax) Panel with TDS300 tubes ?

          I see many of these installations when out and about but in the light of my experience I wonder what proportion of them are currently working ? The earlier system described here utilises the SOLAMAX TDS 300 Evacuated Solar Collector Direct Flow tube where
        • Frepar Resol E1/D

          Has anyone got a link to the user manual for the Frepar Resol E1/D controller please?
        • Heat Transfer Fluid - Can I replace Glycol Solution with Synthetic oil and what consequences do I need to consider ?

          My Solar Thermal system was built of high quality materials and could have potentially lasted many more years if it had not suffered from the ‘Achilles heal’ of using glycol transfer fluid which caused frost damage by cracking the manifold. Despite the
        • Why is Glycol transfer fluid still being used when low maintenance drain back systems could be installed ?

          I now know that glycol solution needs to be replaced if has been overheated else it fails to protect systems against freezing and causes destructive corrosion. Glycol systems need to be regular cleaned / flushed out - if you can find that rare commodity
        • Thermomax evacuated tubes

          Has anyone found a source for replacement tubes? I am aware that manufacture has ceased but there must be some source out there.
        • THERMOMAX SMT100 controller settings

          I have a Superstor Contender hot water heater with a Thermomax SMT100 controller, installed in 2009. We are in the Pacific NW. On hot sunny days my hot water tank overheats/ over pressures and releases the safety pressure valve on the tank to discharge
        • Excess heat dissipation

          Hello all, I'd like to ask what people use as an excess heat dissipator in the hottest times of summer. I see that a fan powered one is an option although don't have a price for one yet. Has anyone had serious problems with excessive heat build-up in
        • PT100 sensor for SMT300 solar controller

          The controller on my solar water heater is showing a too high temperature on the return water. I suspect that the PT100 sensors is defect (SMT300 controller). It is a 4-wire sensor, but can't find any info to reorder. Have attached picture of sensor and
        • Resol ES10

          I have a 6 panel SunUser system installaed in our house, but dont have a manual to understand the settings on the ES10 Controller. I have looked on the web and cant find anything, is the there a User Manual available
        • Resol controller

          We have a solar system that uses resol as a controller that heats the hot water is there anyway to turn the temperature down on it as it heats the water to scolding temperatures?
        • RESOL ES10 Issue

          We have a solar system that heats our water in the spring and summer. In our airing cupboard is a Resol ES10 box which until recently has been fine, however it has started clicking constantly like it is switching on and off, while it does this, the pump
        • drain down question

          Hi, sorry if this has been covered already. I need to remove the panels from the roof so need to drain down the fluid. Do i need any specialist equipment, are there any tips on doing it? Also is the fluid toxic and are there any restrictions on getting
        • Thermomax hd200

          Hello from USA, I have a solar system that froze in January. We're looking to buy parts to repair our solar tube system. Does anyone know where to go or who to ask? Thanks
        • evacuated tubes pump

          Noisy pump on evacuated tube system. Switched it off because of the noise and now it hardly works at all. Is this a job for a local plumber or a specialist?
        • Cylinder Probe Pocket leaking.

          Solar Hot Water Cylinders often have 2 or more pockets where the temperature sensor is fitted. These pockets are made from 10mm copper pipework and after a few years may be susceptible to leaking due to corrosion. A 10mm compression cap can be fitted.
        • Unvented cylinder responsible for low flow rate?

          I have good mains water pressure on the ground floor. There is no tank in the loft but an unvented Fabdec Solar cylinder in the upstairs airing cupboard. A gas heat only boiler (Vaillant) which regularly displays a F83 fault. I've checked all the stop
        • Reading 888.8 on RESOL controller

          A reading on a RESOL controller showing a series of the number 8s is normally indicative of a failed sensor, a non compatible sensor or a failed connection from the controller to the sensor. Where the controller has an LED, this is often combined with
        • Common evacuated tube sizes

          We were recently asked for sizes of twin wall evacuated tube sizes. Commonly available are 47mm external diameter, 1500 mm long 58mm external diameter, 1800 mm long Less common sizes include 58mm external diameter, 1500 mm long 58mm external diameter,